26 Feb: Verber, Matthew

Matt is an electronic engineer in the Chemistry Electronics Core Lab. He does analog and digital hardware design, software design…

26 Feb: Joubert, Regent

Regent does troubleshooting and repair with electronics/services and instrumentation/equipment in the chemistry department.

26 Feb: Simmons, Randy

Randy manages building maintenance, repair, construction projects, housekeeping, recycling, surplus, and card access. He also advises labs on infrastructure needs.

26 Feb: Gorman, John

John provides support and assistance with Accounting Issues with Trust Accounts. He audits and approves Pcard, Epro, Voucher, Requisitions, Travels,…

26 Feb: Condie, Laura

Laura works on pre-award, proposals, preproposals, budgets, revised budgets, subcontracts, fellowships, industry RPPR’s, and progress reports.