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Department News

Three graduate students selected among 10 finalists in Three Minute Thesis competition

Three chemistry graduate students were selected among 10 finalists in UNC Chapel Hill's 2020 3MT competition. The Three Minute Thesis (3MT) is an academic competition that assists current graduate students with fostering effective presentation and communication skills.

2020 Teaching Assistant Awards

Each academic year, the Department of Chemistry recognizes outstanding graduate student teaching assistants with a $750 cash award. The awardees were nominated by lab instructors and lab staff and selected by the Undergraduate Labs Committee.

Erin Day and Ann Marie May awarded NDSEG Fellowships

UNC Chemistry doctoral students, Erin Day and Ann Marie May, were recently awarded the Department of Defense (DoD) National Defense Science and Engineering (NDSEG) Fellowships.

Leslie Hicks earns SfRBM Mentoring Excellence Award

Leslie Hicks, associate professor of chemistry, is the recipient of the Society for Redox Biology and Medicine’s (SfRBM) 2020 Mentoring Excellence Award.  


Decarbonylative ether dissection by iridium pincer complexes

A unique chain-rupturing transformation that converts an ether functionality into two hydrocarbyl units and carbon monoxide is reported, mediated by iridium(I) complexes supported by aminophenylphosphinite (NCOP) pincer ligands.

A biogenic secondary organic aerosol source of cirrus ice nucleating particles

Atmospheric ice nucleating particles (INPs) influence global climate by altering cloud formation, lifetime, and precipitation efficiency. The role of secondary organic aerosol (SOA) material as a source of INPs in the ambient atmosphere has not been well defined. Here, we demonstrate the potential for biogenic SOA to activate as depositional INPs in the upper troposphere by combining field measurements with laboratory experiments.

Genome guardians stop and reel in DNA to correct replication errors

Chemistry Professor, Dorothy Erie, collaborates with researchers to conduct research on how proteins MutL and MutS prevent DNA replication errors by creating an immobile structure that calls more proteins to the site to repair the error

Engineered eReader

In an article selected for the anniversary issue cover of ACS Chemical Biology, members of the Waters Group describe engineered chromodomains...

Faculty Spotlights

Faculty in the Department of Chemistry at the University of North Carolina help define solutions to the pressing scientific problems of the day. A significant, and key, component of our department’s strategic plan is to cultivate the next generation of scientific leadership. Faculty, from our assistant professors to our most senior and distinguished colleagues, are international leaders in their subfields, garnering local, national, and international recognition and accolades commensurate with their excellence in research and teaching.

Student Spotlights

Our graduate students form the next generation of scientific leaders. As a department, we seek to recruit and mentor a diverse cohort of students dedicated to excellence in the classroom and research laboratory. The creativity, drive, collegiality, and accomplishments of our graduate students in tackling difficult scientific problems are significant reasons why UNC is an international leader in chemical research.