Department News

Assistant Professor Abigail Knight reflects on 2nd annual Sci-athon

This year, the Department of Chemistry (virtually) hosted the 2nd annual Sci-athon in collaboration with Departments of Chemistry at North Carolina State University and Duke University. Sci-athon is a collaborative event for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars designed to harness diverse scientific backgrounds toward solving global issues in chemistry.

Department of Chemistry announces 2020 promotions

The Department of Chemistry is pleased to announce four of our faculty members have received promotions in this academic year. The promotions, approved by the UNC Board of Trustees, are effective July 01, 2020.  

College of Arts and Sciences appoints Wei You as new Department Chair of Chemistry

The College of Arts and Sciences appoints Wei You as the new Department Chair of Chemistry. You will begin his appointment on July 01, 2020. You will succeed Jeff Johnson, who served as Department Chair from 2016-2020.  

Departmental response to national events

The Department of Chemistry responds to national events.


Engineered eReader

In an article selected for the anniversary issue cover of ACS Chemical Biology, members of the Waters Group describe engineered chromodomains...

Nitric Oxide Delivery

Nitric oxide, NO, is a broad-spectrum antibacterial agent, making it an attractive alternative to traditional antibiotics for treating infections. To date...

Bacterial Virulence

The Pseudomonas virulence factor, pvf biosynthetic operon has been implicated in bacterial virulence and signaling. Gina Morgan in the Li Lab, led a team...

Ammonium Synthesis

The direct scission of the triple bond of dinitrogen, N2, by a metal complex is an alluring entry point into the transformation of N2 to ammonia, NH3, in molecular catalysis...

Faculty Spotlights

Faculty in the Department of Chemistry at the University of North Carolina help define solutions to the pressing scientific problems of the day. A significant, and key, component of our department’s strategic plan is to cultivate the next generation of scientific leadership. Faculty, from our assistant professors to our most senior and distinguished colleagues, are international leaders in their subfields, garnering local, national, and international recognition and accolades commensurate with their excellence in research and teaching.

Student Spotlights

Our graduate students form the next generation of scientific leaders. As a department, we seek to recruit and mentor a diverse cohort of students dedicated to excellence in the classroom and research laboratory. The creativity, drive, collegiality, and accomplishments of our graduate students in tackling difficult scientific problems are significant reasons why UNC is an international leader in chemical research.