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2021 Departmental Undergraduate Summer Research Awards
2021 Departmental Undergraduate Summer Research Awards

The Department of Chemistry is pleased to announce the recipients of our annual Departmental Undergraduate Summer Research Awards.

Frank Leibfarth named 2021 ACS POLY Fellow in recognition of research excellence in polymer science

Frank Leibfarth, assistant professor of chemistry was selected as 2021 ACS POLY Fellow. The award recognizes chemists in the field of polymer science for their scientific accomplishments and service to the field

2021 ACS Undergraduate Awards
2021 ACS Undergraduate Awards

Four chemistry undergraduates receive American Chemical Society Undergraduate Awards for exceptional work in their research disciplines. The award recognizes undergraduates for outstanding achievement in their respective disciplines of chemistry and encourages further studies in their respective fields.

CHASE: Chasing Sunlight

The United States gets about 81% of its energy from fossil fuels. However, these fuels are a limited resource and will one day run out. Read how CHASE plans to make liquid fuels directly from sunlight and air-fuels that are clean and storable to boot.


Revealing Dynamic Rotation of Single Graphene Nanoplatelets on Electrified Microinterfaces

Here, we combine optical microscopy, single-entity electrochemistry, and numerical simulations to elucidate the dynamic motion of graphene nanoplatelets at a gold ultramicroelectrode (radius ∼5 μm).

Dynamical transition orbitals: A particle-hole description in real-time TDDFT dynamics

We expand the concept of natural transition orbitals in the context of real-time time-dependent density functional theory (RT-TDDFT) and show its application in practical calculations.

Nitric Oxide-Releasing Hyaluronic Acid as an Antibacterial Agent for Wound Therapy

Carboxylic acid groups of HA (6 and 90 kDa) were chemically modified with a series of alkylamines via carbodiimide chemistry to provide secondary amines for subsequent N-diazeniumdiolate NO donor formation.

When Do Polyelectrolytes Entangle?

We develop an approach based on the scaling relationship between the solution correlation length ξ = lgν/B and the number of monomers per correlation blob g for polymers with the monomer projection length l.

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