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Inspired by Female Role Models, Julianne Hall Puts Her Stamp on Chemistry Education
Image of Julianne Hall, with the caption

Julianne Hall wins Chemistry's Fred Young Extra Mile Award

Tyler Motley’s Passion for Chemistry Fuels a Desire to Go the Extra Mile for His Students
Image of Tyler Motley, with the caption

Tyler Motley wins Chemistry's Fred Young Extra Mile Award

Cole Sorensen named the Dean's Distinguished Dissertation Awardee for all of physical sciences, mathematics, and engineering at UNC
Image of Cole Sorensen, with the caption

Chemistry 5th year student Cole Sorensen named as the UNC 2024 Dean's Distinguished Dissertation Awardee for all of physical sciences, mathematics, and engineering.

Cookies with Professors doing Cool Research

Photos of Chemistry undergraduate students and faculty eating cookies and talking.

Carolina undergraduate named 2024 Barry Goldwater Scholar

Nicholas Boyer, a rising senior at UNC-Chapel Hill double majoring in chemistry and computer science was selected to receive a 2024 Barry Goldwater Scholarship.

Chemistry at the annual UNC Science Expo

Photos of Chemistry student and faculty volunteers at UNC's 75th annual Science Expo.

Three Chemistry Students Awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowships

Three chemistry students have been selected as fellows by the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program for 2024.

Chemistry Researchers Modify Solar Technology to Produce a Less Harmful Greenhouse Gas
Image of stylized solar panel resting on a mossy ground in the middle of a forest

Researchers in the UNC Chemistry Department are using semiconductors to harvest and convert the sun’s energy into high-energy compounds that have the potential to produce environmentally friendly fuels.


Real-Time TDDFT for Nonequilibrium Electron Dynamics

In the invited Perspective article for the Journal of the American Chemical Society, members of the Kanai research group discuss...

Monolayer-like Exciton Recombination Dynamics of Multilayer MoSe2 Observed by Pump-Probe Microscopy

Transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDCs) have garnered considerable interest over the past decade as a class of semiconducting layered materials.

Mechanism-Guided Kinetic Analysis of Electrocatalytic Proton Reduction Mediated by a Cobalt Catalyst Bearing a Pendant Basic Site

Cobalt polypyridyl complexes stand out as efficient catalysts for electrochemical proton reduction, but investigations into their operating mechanisms...

Theory of moment propagation for quantum dynamics in single-particle description

We present a novel theoretical formulation for performing quantum dynamics in terms of moments within the single-particle description.

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