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2022 Teaching Assistant Awards

The annual departmental TA awards recognize outstanding graduate teaching assistants. Click to see this year’s recipients.

Department of Chemistry Announces 2022 Faculty Promotions

We are pleased to announce the promotion of 8 faculty members: James Cahoon, Jillian Dempsey, Leslie Hicks, Yosuke Kanai, Frank Leibfarth, Alexander Miller, Andrew Moran, and Domenic Tiani. Click image for more details.. .

Chemistry’s Zhukhovitskiy Wins Prestigious U.S. DOE Early Career Award

Chemist Alex Zhukhovitskiy has won an Early Career Award from the U.S. Department of Energy. The funding is part of DOE’s commitment to supporting the next generation of STEM leaders. Click image to learn more...

Tayliz Rodriguez and Chancellor's Science Scholars Program Awarded 2022 Diversity Award

Tayliz Rodriguez, graduate student, and the Chancellor’s Science Scholars (CSS) program, directed by Thomas Freeman, received the 14th Annual Diversity Award presented by the UNC University Office for Diversity and Inclusion. Click Image to learn more...


Sloppy gear mechanism for coupled stochastic transportation: From antiequilibrium flow to kinetic selectivity

Here, using a simple kinetic model, we present a counterintuitive antiequilibrium phenomenon in the passive transportation of particles through a narrow tube.

High-throughput discovery of fluoride-ion conductors via a decoupled, dynamic, and iterative (DDI) framework

Fluoride–ion batteries are a promising alternative to lithium–ion batteries with higher theoretical capacities and working voltages, but they have experienced limited success due to the poor ionic conductivities of known electrolytes and electrodes. Here, we report a high-throughput computational screening of 9747 fluoride-containing materials in search of fluoride-ion conductors.

Photoactivatable Reporter to Perform Multiplexed and Temporally Controlled Measurements of Kinase and Protease Activity in Single Cells

Peptide bioreporters were developed to perform multiplexed measurements of the activation of epidermal growth factor receptor kinase (EGFR), Akt kinase (Akt/protein kinase B), and proteases/peptidases in single cells.

Effects of Ligand Shell Composition on Surface Reduction in PbS Quantum Dots

In this work, we evaluated the impacts of both surface-binding head group and ligand backbone on the properties and reactivity of PbS QDs through a partial exchange of native oleate ligands with undec-10-enoic acid, p-toluate, and undec-10-ene-1-thiol to access mixed-shell QDs.


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