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Undergraduate Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Chemistry majors are encouraged to study abroad through various programs organized by the UNC study abroad office. In exchange programs, students pay their UNC tuition and enroll in the foreign university. It is by far the cheapest way to study abroad. UNC offers numerous locations, including English language programs at the University of Hong Kong, the National University of Singapore, and various locations in Australia and Great Britain.

Advanced courses in Lund, Sweden, Aarhus, Denmark, and also in France, are also taught in English. Many students opt to attend universities in continental Europe through the Trans Atlantic Science Student Exchange Program, TASSEP, where they take their junior year chemistry courses in Spanish, French, German, or Italian. Two years of a foreign language is generally sufficient preparation. Students come back from this year long program with sufficient credits to graduate in four years and a proficiency in the foreign language.

Ask your chemistry advisor about the various options or visit the UNC study abroad office to learn more about these opportunities. In addition to the UNC led and approved programs, it is also possible for students to attend other foreign universities. However, to obtain credit toward graduation, students must get permission from the study abroad office as well as the chemistry department before they enroll in a foreign university, and they must have a GPA greater than 2.50.

Study Abroad

Chemistry students in Sevilla, Spain, with their instructor, Professor Wei You.

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