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Graduate – Support

Financial Support

All students admitted to the Ph.D. program receive competitive stipends in the form of research or teaching assistantships. Support for 5 years is guaranteed to students who maintain good standing. The 2023 – 2024 annual graduate student stipends consists of a $30,000 salary, approximately $5,096 worth of health insurance, and tuition between approximately $4,172 and $28,844, depending on number of credits taken and state residency status. Additionally, the student fees in the range of $1,983 annually are part of the compensation package. Supplements and special fellowships are awarded to incoming students on the basis of academic achievement and promise.

The Graduate School at UNC-CH offers special fellowships and to receive full consideration, applicants should submit their application by the funding deadline of December 11 as listed on the Graduate School’s website. The fellowships offered by the Graduate School are separate from the funding offered to each applicant through the Chemistry Department. The majority of first year PhD students are supported as teaching assistants through the department. To be considered for financial support through the department your application must be submitted by December 11. Financial support is not offered for students entering the Master’s program.

Prospective students are advised to apply for national fellowships such as those administered by the National Science Foundation, NSF. Recipients of NSF fellowships are eligible for supplements from the department. Beyond the first year, most students are supported as research assistants by their research advisor.

The Chemistry Graduate Student Handbook has additional details and information on many aspects of the graduate student experience.

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