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Graduate Student Services

Graduate Student Services

The Department of Chemistry Student Services strives to create an environment that is student-centered, welcoming, supportive, and respectful. We value individual needs and diversity. We seek to obtain the most accurate and pertinent information so we can share that knowledge with those who rely on us as a resource. We help students use that information as they define and pursue their educational goals.

Students may interact with us for a variety of purposes, which can include admissions, orientation, registration, and a host of other activities as a prospective or enrolled student. We encourage you to contact any of us at the numbers or email addresses below.

The Chemistry Graduate Student Handbook also has additional details and information on many aspects of the graduate student experience.

Beam Paul

Beam, Paul
Student Services Specialist

 Kenan C140
Fallin Jill

Fallin, Jill
Student Services Specialist

 Kenan Laboratories C140
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