Graduate – Teaching

Graduate Teaching

A majority of our first year students are supported as graduate teaching assistants. Graduate teaching is an important part of the graduate educational experience, and we take pride in delivering a quality educational experience for our undergraduate students. Typical teaching assignment include:

  • Teaching undergraduate laboratory classes
  • Tutoring in the Chemistry Resource Center
  • Grading for faculty

Before your first assignment as a teaching assistant, the University and the department both conduct orientation sessions to prepare you for what lies ahead. To acknowledge outstanding performance as a teaching assistant, we select two recipients for a teaching award each year.

Chemistry Resource Center

The Chemistry Resource Center is one of the possible Teaching Assistant assignments a graduate student in the chemistry department may receive. It involves tutoring undergraduate students 10 hrs/week primarily with the material covered in general chemistry courses, Chem 101/201.

Students seeking help with organic chemistry, Chem 261/262, and analytical chemistry, Chem 241, often come to the Chemistry Resource Center for tutoring too. Some of the advantages of this assignment is that you do not have to grade any lab reports, the hours you work are reasonably flexibe, and once you are done with your hours there is no work to take home.

Generally, advanced graduate students with broad knowledge are assigned to this position