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Undergrad-Chemistry Major, B.S. Polymer

Chemistry Major, B.S. – Polymer Track


In addition to the program requirements, students must

  • attain a final cumulative GPA of at least 2.0
  • complete a minimum of 45 academic credit hours earned from UNC–Chapel Hill courses
  • take at least half of their major course requirements, courses and credit hours, at UNC–Chapel Hill
  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.000 in coursework taken at UNC-CH in the major core is required
Gateway Course 
CHEM 101 & 101LGeneral Descriptive Chemistry Iand Quantitative Chemistry Laboratory I4
Core Requirements 
BMME 150Introduction to Materials Science3
or CHEM 470 Fundamentals of Materials Science
CHEM 102General Descriptive Chemistry II H3
or CHEM 102H General Descriptive Chemistry II
CHEM 102LQuantitative Chemistry Laboratory II1
CHEM 241Modern Analytical Methods for Separation and Characterization H2
CHEM 241LLaboratory in Separations and Analytical Characterization of Organic and Biological Compounds1
or CHEM 245LHonors Laboratory in Separations and Analytical Characterization of Organic and Biological Compound
CHEM 251Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry2
CHEM 430Introduction to Biological Chemistry H3
CHEM 481Physical Chemistry I3
CHEM 481LPhysical Chemistry Laboratory I2
CHEM 482Physical Chemistry II3
CHEM 482LPhysical Chemistry Laboratory II2
CHEM 520LPolymer Chemistry Laboratory2
CHEM 550LSynthetic Chemistry Laboratory I2
CHEM 261Introduction to Organic Chemistry I H3
CHEM 262Introduction to Organic Chemistry II H3
CHEM 262LLaboratory in Organic Chemistry1
or CHEM 263LHonors Laboratory in Organic Chemistry
Three advanced polymer chemistry electives from:9
CHEM 420Introduction to Polymer Chemistry 
CHEM 421Synthesis of Polymers 
CHEM 422Physical Chemistry of Polymers 
CHEM 423Intermediate Polymer Chemistry 
CHEM 425Polymer Materials 3
Additional Requirements 
BIOL 101Principles of Biology H3
BIOL 101LIntroductory Biology Laboratory1
MATH 232Calculus of Functions of One Variable II 1, H4
MATH 233Calculus of Functions of Several Variables 1, H4
MATH 383First Course in Differential Equations 1, H3
PHYS 116Mechanics H4
or PHYS 118Introductory Calculus-based Mechanics and Relativity
PHYS 117Electromagnetism and Optics H4
or PHYS 119Introductory Calculus-based Electromagnetism and Quanta
Total Hours75

H Honors version available. An honors course fulfills the same requirements as the nonhonors version of that course. Enrollment and GPA restrictions may apply.

1 Placement, PL, credits, zero hours, for MATH 232, MATH 233, or MATH 383 do not satisfy chemistry major requirements.

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