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Hicks, Leslie

Sherman Fairchild Foundation Chancellor's Scholar Term Associate Professor

Proteomics, Posttranslational Modifications, Mass Spectrometry

 Caudill Laboratories 339
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Hogan, Brian

Teaching Professor, Vice Chair of Education

Biochemistry Education & Undergraduate Research Skills Development

 Kenan Laboratories C348

Jackson, Megan

Assistant Professor

Energy conversion, electrochemistry, inorganic chemistry, materials chemistry, physical chemistry, electron transfer, catalysis

 Murray 2202E
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Johnson, Jeffrey

A. Ronald Gallant Distinguished Professor

Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Asymmetric Catalysis

 Caudill Laboratories 220
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Kanai, Yosuke


Theoretical/Computational Chemistry, Chemical and Material Physics, Condensed Matters, First-Principles Electronic Structure Theory

 Caudill Laboratories 18
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Knight, Abigail

Assistant Professor

Bioinspired Materials, Chemical Biology, Polymer Chemistry

 Caudill Laboratories 319
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Kratochvil, Huong

Assistant Professor

Protein biophysics, protein design, membrane proteins, biochemistry

 Genome Sciences Building 4358
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Lawrence, David

Fred Eshelman Distinguished Professor, Jointly appointed with the UNC Schools of Pharmacy and Medicine

Chemical Biology, Organic and Photochemistry, Molecular and Cell Biology

 Kenan Laboratories A508
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Leibfarth, Frank

Associate Professor

Polymer science, organic synthesis, and continuous flow chemistry

 Caudill Laboratories 239
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Li, Bo

Associate Professor

Chemical Biology, Natural Product Biosynthesis and Discovery

 Genome Sciences Building 3256
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