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Alexanian, Erik


Synthetic Organic and Organometallic Chemistry, Catalysis

 Murray Hall 2202H
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Atkin, Joanna

Assistant Professor

Near-field optics and imaging, Tip-enhanced spectroscopy, Plasmonics

 Caudill Laboratories 117
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Aubé, Jeff

Fred Eshelman Distinguished Professor, Jointly Appointed with the School of Pharmacy

New Synthetic Techniques, Total Synthesis, Study of Peptidomimetics

 Marsico Hall 3012
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Austell, Todd

Teaching Professor; Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies

General, Analytical, and Organic Chemistry Education, Curriculum Development, Academic advising

 Kenan Laboratories C142

Baker, Erin

Associate Professor

How the Environment Affects Human Health, Molecular Biomarkers, Analytical Separations, High Throughput Screening, Mass Spectrometry, Ion Mobility Spectrometry

 Caudill Laboratories 017
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Beaver, Joshua

Teaching Associate Professor

Chemistry Education, Organic Chemistry, Curriculum Development, Chemistry Education Research

 Kenan Laboratories 147F

Bliem, Carribeth

Teaching Associate Professor

Chemistry Education, Curriculum Development

 Kenan Laboratories 147B

Brunk, Elizabeth

Assistant Professor, Jointly Appointed with the Department of of Pharmacology in the School of Medicine

Functional genomics, cancer systems biology, multi-omics, bioinformatics, precision medicine

 Genome Sciences Building
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Cahoon, James

Hyde Family Foundation Professor

Nanomaterials/Nanowire Synthesis, Solar & Thermal Energy, Photonics

 Caudill Laboratories 19
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Chen, Josh

Research Associate Professor of Xray Core

Structure determination of new crystalline solids by single crystal X-ray diffraction, Advanced crystallography experiments using synchrotron radiation, Solid-state characterization via XRD, XRR, & WAXS, Design and implementation of custom diffraction experiments, Micro Electron Diffraction, Characterization of multi-phase topotactic solid-state reactions using X-ray crystallography, Development and characterization of potentially thermo- and photoreactive co-crystal systems

 Caudill 053
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