Megan Jackson

Megan Jackson

Assistant Professor

   Murray 2202E

Research Interests

Energy conversion, electrochemistry, inorganic chemistry, materials chemistry, physical chemistry, electron transfer, catalysis

Research Synopsis

The Jackson lab aims to address global energy challenges by bringing atomistic and molecular-level design to heterogeneous electrocatalysis for energy conversion. We will use tools from physical electrochemistry, inorganic chemistry, and materials chemistry to answer the central question in electrocatalysis: when and how fast do bonds form and break at electrode surfaces? We will design and study electrochemical systems that allow us to readily extract key kinetic and thermodynamic parameters and will use the resulting knowledge to design more efficient electrocatalysts. Students in the group will become experts in electrochemistry, the synthesis and characterization of electrode materials, and chemical kinetics as they prepare to become leaders in the chemistry, materials science, and energy spaces.


Professional Background

California Institute of Technology, B.S. (2013), Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Ph.D. (2019), Arnold O. Beckman Postdoctoral Fellow, UC Berkeley (2020-2022)