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Chen, Josh

Josh Chen

Josh Chen

Research Associate Professor of Xray Core

Not Accepting Doctoral Students

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Research Interests

Structure determination of new crystalline solids by single crystal X-ray diffraction, Advanced crystallography experiments using synchrotron radiation, Solid-state characterization via XRD, XRR, & WAXS, Design and implementation of custom diffraction experiments, Micro Electron Diffraction, Characterization of multi-phase topotactic solid-state reactions using X-ray crystallography, Development and characterization of potentially thermo- and photoreactive co-crystal systems

Research Synopsis

Josh manages the X-ray Core laboratory, which involves providing maintenance service to the laboratory instruments, determining X-ray structures for the collaborators, teaching X-ray course and training graduate students and postdocs, and writing grants to acquire new instruments and equipment for the lab.

Professional Background

B.S. Chemistry, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, Brandeis University

Postdoctoral Fellowship, Indiana University

News & Publications

Here, we show that in the presence of pyridinium tetrafluoroborate, [CpW(CO)3]− reacts further to form a metal hydride complex CpW(CO)3H.


Herein, we report the preferential oxidative addition of a phosphinite P−O bond at Ni over an N−H bond and interrogate both the mechanism of this bond activation and the microscopic reverse reaction by reconstructing the P−O bond using phosphorus electrophiles.


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