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Six earn Student Undergraduate Teaching and Staff Awards for teaching excellence

Six earn Student Undergraduate Teaching and Staff Awards for teaching excellence

March 23, 2021

By UNC-Chapel Hill Chemistry Communication

Six members of the department of chemistry at UNC-Chapel Hill are among the winners of the Student Undergraduate Teaching and Staff Awards (SUTASA). SUTASA was established in 1989 to recognize outstanding undergraduate instruction by both faculty and teaching assistants. In 2004, the awards were extended to include a staff award to recognize a staff member’s contributions to the undergraduate experience at Carolina. 

A committee of undergraduate students reviewed the teaching nominations on the basis of demonstrated and consistent teaching excellence, success in positively affecting a broad spectrum of students both in and outside the classroom and creation of a dynamic learning environment. The staff award nominations were reviewed on the basis of demonstrated excellence in service, dedication to undergraduate students and in positively affecting a broad spectrum of Carolina undergraduate students. 

Recipients of this award are honored at the Chancellor’s Awards Ceremony. Please join us in congratulating our recipients:  

Graduate Students  

Faculty & Staff 

  • Brian Hogan, Teaching Professor and Vice Chair of Education 
    • Hogan joined the faculty at Carolina Chemistry in 2004 and has received awards in recognition of his teaching excellence, including the Tanner Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching and the Chapman Family Teaching Award.
  • Kathleen Nevins, Undergraduate Labs Supervisor
    • Nevins joined Carolina Chemistry in 2013. In her role as a laboratory supervisor, she has successfully trained teaching assistants, work-study students and new co-workers. In addition to lab and management duties, Nevins has taught CHEM 102, 102L, 241L, 251 and 550L. She is an active member of the SWELL committee and the Chemistry Joint Safety Team.  

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