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Cookies with Professors doing Cool Research

Cookies with Professors doing Cool Research

April 18, 2024 | UNC-Chapel Hill Chemistry Communication


On Friday April 5th, UNC Chemistry hosted the second annual Cookies with Professors doing Cool Research.  The event is intended to be a chance for undergraduate chemistry students to interact with chemistry research professors in a casual setting with delicious cookies.  Research is a major part of the UNC Chemistry Department that most undergrads never get to experience, and we hope this allowed more students to consider academic research as a future component of their education. We think everyone had a good time, and we look forward to hosting this event again next year!


Professor Curtis chats with a student.

A group of students congregate around the name tag table, looking for their name tags.  One female student is writing her name on a sticky tag. In the background are professors and students chatting.

Professor Gagne smiles down at a box of cookies.  Students and professors talk in the background.

Professor Glish and Professor Templeton smile and laugh while eating cookies.

Professor Baker and Professor Tiani talk with a student.

Two students select cookies from a tray while Professor Weeks walks behind them while licking his thumb. More students can be seen in the background.

With students talking around him, Professor Weeks smiles at the camera with his cheeks full, while holding part of a cookie.

Professor Curtis stands with a group of students around her.  All of the students are wearing backpacks.

Professor Glish and Professor Baker smile and laugh with a group of students in front of the Kenan Library.

Professor Hogan and students look at Professor Wilkerson-Hill as he describes a piece of science.

Professor Dempsey and Professor Jackson sit at a table with a group of students. Professor Jackson is in the middle of speaking to the students, while Professor Dempsey has possibly noticed the camera and is smiling in the direction of the photographer.

Professor Lu explains his research to an undergraduate student.

Professor Pielak smiles at two students while speaking with them.

Professor Li talks with two undergraduate students.

Professor Meek talks to two students about his research.

Professor Baker laughs while talking about her research with two students.

Professor Lockett discusses his research with students. In the background, Professors Li and Wilkerson-Hill can also be seen talking to students.

Professor Baker smiles at a student.


Professor Weeks smiles at a student while they talk about research. He is holding two cookies in his hand. Professor Tiani and Professor Hogan can be seen talking to students in the background.

Professor Curtis talks with three students.  The student in the middle has noticed the camera and she is smiling at the photographer.

Professor Meyers talks with a group of students. He looks slightly surprised.

Professor Li uses a pair of tongs to reach for a cookie from a box.

Professor Pieri smiles at a student while Professor Lu speaks with another student behind her.

Professor Austell sits at a table with documents that he is pointing to while he converses with a student. Professor Tiani is beside him, talking with two other students who are also looking at documents. In the background students talk together.

Professor Wilkerson-Hill smiles while speaking with two students.

Professor Dempsey laughs while she sits at a table with two students.

Professor Cahoon smiles at a student while he explains research. He has a cookie on a napkin in his hand.


Professor Wilkerson-Hill turns towards something that has caught his attention behind him.  Other students and faculty can be seen talking in the background. One student leans against a support post while smiling.

Professor Dempsey talks to two students at a table with Professor Jackson.

Dr. Nevins, who runs the Morehead Undergraduate Labs, talks with a student.

Professor Eskew smiles at a student while the student laughs.

Professor Pielak stands in the middle of a group of students.

Professor Lockett speaks with students.





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