Jason Worrell

Jason Worrell

Facilities Manager

   Wilson Hall B31


Part of the joint Chemistry/Biology facilities support team. Duties include: Manager and oversite of the facilities team who receive/uncrate/relocate large equipment. Modifying lab space. Install whiteboards, shelving, tables, etc. Repairing desks, tables, cabinets. For plumbing issues, stop minor leaks(closing valves) and mitigate excessive damage from a major leak. UNC Facilities will have to repair broken lines/faucets/toilets. Provide guidance for adding/removing any utility(plumbing/electrical/HVAC). Surplus:  Make a request to UNC Facilities to have surplus items picked up. If the item cannot remain in place for UNC to pick up, can help relocate it. Hardware: Order and supply keys, and repair minor door and lock issues. Access: Provide OneCard access to Chemistry Buildings, after hour door lock schedules for events. Point of contact with facilities for any other general maintenance request.

Personal Interests