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Tereniak, Stephen

Stephen, Ph.D. Tereniak

Stephen, Ph.D. Tereniak

Senior Research Scientist

   Murray Hall 2202D


Dr. Stephen Tereniak serves as the CHASE lead research staff member in synthesis, managing CHASE Molecular Synthesis User Facility and providing chemical synthesis expertise for collaborative research projects across the Hub. He provides guidance into the design of the data CHASE Inventory Database and Benchmarking Database. He also serves as the CHASE Safety Management Officer.


Ph.D. Chemistry, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, 2014 M.S. Chemistry, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, 2011 B.S. Chemistry, University of Delaware, 2009

Personal Interests

News & Publications

Here, we employ drive-level capacitance profiling (DLCP) to experimentally resolve the spatial and energetic distribution of trap states throughout Ta3N5 thin films.


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