Mandy Melton

Mandy Melton

Public Communication Specialist

Communications & Public Relations
   Kenan C247


Mandy’s goal is to connect faculty, students, and staff with the information or people they are looking for. If you need help with something, either she will help you or try to direct you to whomever can.


Undergraduate degree in English and Computer Science from UNC Chapel Hill.

Personal Interests

Mandy is a geek at heart, so she has a wide variety of nerdy interests like fairy tales, Harry Potter, and Pokemon. She loves to talk to other people about their interests – there’s nothing better than learning, so please don’t hesitate to tell her what you’re interested in!

News & Publications

The Chemistry Extra Mile Award goes to undergraduate supervisors Jill Fallin and Mandy Melton for nurturing a positive environment, demonstrating crisis leadership, embracing collaborative problem solving and encouraging team-thinking.


Students, colleagues, family, and friends are mourning the loss and celebrating the life of Professor Emeritus Royce W. Murray.