Pitman Reaxys Finalist

Kate Pitman from the Miller Lab has been selected as one of 45 finalists for the 2017 Reaxys Ph.D. Prize. The Prize draws from an international pool of candidates to recognize original and creative research in synthetic chemistry. The winners will be selected at the Prize Symposium held in Shanghai in October.

Kate recently defended her dissertation, which focused on the reactivity of transition metal hydrides in water. Her research centered on a class of iridium hydrides which make hydrogen in visible light and are regenerated electrochemically, the first molecular species to do so. By developing a new synthetic route to water-soluble hydrides, Kate was able to measure the energy required to break the iridium-hydride bond in water. Her research provides a new route to making fuels using sunlight.

In the fall, Kate will likely be heading to the Naval Research Lab to work with a few other UNC graduates, Jeremy Pietron and Debra Rolison, both alumni from the Royce Murray Group.