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Welcome to our new faculty member Elisa Pieri

Welcome to new faculty member Elisa Pieri

February 28, 2023 | By UNC-Chapel Hill Chemistry Communication

We are delighted to share that we will be welcoming a new faculty member to UNC Chemistry this summer.  We would like everyone to meet Professor Elisa Pieri, who joins us from the Martínez group at Stanford University. Before her time there, she received her Ph.D at Aix-Marseille University. Professor Pieri’s research in physical chemistry seeks to understand and predict the events triggered by photon absorption in small molecules and proteins, and develop rational design principles to build bio-imaging and optogenetics agents. In particular, her research is intended to focus on tuning the fluorescence and photochromic properties of molecules and proteins using hypothesis-free frameworks and high throughput methods, to scan tens of mutants and molecules without any a priori knowledge of their photochemistry. Her research has appeared in leading journals, including Nature Computational Science and Chemical Science. She also won the VCTC 2020 Lightning Talk competition and received an honorable mention at the BATChem Lightning Talk competition in 2021. We are very excited to see how UNC Chemistry can contribute to her next achievements.

Be sure to read more about her work at her lab’s webpage, her Google Scholar, her ResearchGate, and her Linkedin pages.

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