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The Gordon Hammes Scholar Award goes to Dr. Candice Crilly

The Gordon Hammes Scholar Award goes to Dr. Candice Crilly

October 7, 2022 | By UNC-Chapel Hill Chemistry Communication

Dr. Candice Crilly, formerly a Ph.D student in Dr. Gary Pielak’s lab, has been awarded The Gordon Hammes Scholar Award for her work on her 2021 article, “Dried Protein Structure Revealed at the Residue Level by Liquid-Observed Vapor Exchange NMR,” which was co-authored with Julia A. Brom, Mark E. Kowalewski, Dr. Samantha Piszkiewicz, and Dr. Gary J. Pielak.  The Gordon Hammes Scholar Award is given to honor the young scientists responsible for the very best papers published in Biochemistry.

“Candice developed a technique called LOVE NMR (yes, it’s true), where LOVE stands for Liquid-Observed Vapor Exchange. This method provides residue-level information on the structure and interactions of dehydrated proteins. It was used to study how mutation affects dry protein structure, and will help scientists develop a more complete understanding of how dehydration impacts protein structure and function. She is a fantastic choice for the Gordon Hammes Scholar Award,” said Biochemistry Editor-in-Chief Alanna Schepartz.

We are so pleased that Dr. Crilly’s hard work is being recognized, and we wish her the very best in her new home as a postdoctoral researcher in the Han Lab at UC Santa Barbara!

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