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Pedagogical Program Coordinator

Pedagogical Program Coordinator

November 29, 2021 | By UNC-Chapel Hill Chemistry Communication

About the Department of Chemistry at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The Chemistry Department is one of the largest and most complex departments in the Division of Academic Affairs. There are 43 faculty members, 44 SHRA and EHRA staff positions, 260 graduate students, 33 postdoctoral research associates, 700 undergraduate majors, and an annual total of approximately 10,000 registrations by all students in classroom and laboratory courses. The Department is housed in five buildings with over 580,000 sq. feet of space. The faculty participate in teaching assignments which involve an average of 200 students per faculty member per semester. The majority of faculty are research active and supervise graduate students working on their Masters or Ph.D. degrees, undergraduate students carrying out independent research and honors programs, research technicians and postdoctoral research associates. Primarily the research is funded by federal and private agencies such as NSF, NIH, Army, Navy, DOE, PRF and involves expenditures of more than nineteen million dollars annually. A total of over thirty-two million dollars from all sources is expended annually in the Department.

Position Summary

The Pedagogical Program Coordinator position provides leadership and direction to faculty teams in the management of the Chemistry Department’s large format, multi-section courses and will be responsible for ensuring these classes operate efficiently on a day-to-day and semester-to-semester basis.

The Pedagogical Program Coordinator works with faculty to review, assess, plan, develop, and structure large format, multi-section courses in support of the educational mission of the Department.

The Pedagogical Program Coordinator ensures instructional tools such as web-based assignments, student response systems, and learning management systems in UNC Sakai meet the needs of each course. This position also coordinates and administers assessments across multiple aligned sections of a single course.

The Pedagogical Program Coordinator manages recitation teaching assistants and undergraduate learning assistants for each course, as well as developing and implementing the required training program for teaching assistants and undergraduate learning assistants in order to successfully enable learning.

The Pedagogical Program Coordinator reviews, proposes, develops, and implements assessment strategies to evaluate the success of course learning objectives. Coordination with university-wide assessment offices to manage data is required.

This position will instruct undergraduate lecture courses or recitations, based on need. This will be accomplished as a secondary faculty appointment.

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