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2021 Fall Banquet Awardees

2021 Fall Banquet Awardees

November 15, 2021 | By UNC-Chapel Hill Chemistry Communication

Carolina Chemistry’s annual Fall Banquet celebrates the achievements and strides made by juniors and seniors in their academic studies and research in the lab. This year, the banquet was held on Nov. 8 and the featured speaker was Abigail Knight ’10, assistant professor of chemistry. The following awards were presented by Jillian Dempsey, director of undergraduate studies and Bowman and Gordon Gray Distinguished Term Professor. The banquet concluded with closing remarks by Wei You, department chair of chemistry. 

David L. Stern Scholarship: This award is presented to top students from upper division lab courses.  

  • Michael Marand   
  • Kate Nicholson  

James H. Maguire Memorial Award: This award goes to outstanding and academically gifted juniors majoring in chemistry.  

  • Siona Benjamin   
  • Sydney Shapiro   
  • Maya Spencer   
  • Alan Wang   
  • Chloe Wu   
  • Melissa Yu  

Jason D. Altom Memorial for Undergraduate Research: This award recognizes research potential of outstanding undergraduate chemistry majors.  

  • Noel Archer   
  • Elizabeth Karlsson   
  • Christopher Kong   
  • Shikun Wang  

Tanya L R. Ellison Scholarship: This award is presented to junior females majoring chemistry on the basis of character and academic commitment.   

  • Siona Benjamin   
  • Maya Spencer  

Alpha Chi Sigma Sophomore Chemistry Award: Sponsored by the Alpha Chi Sigma (AXS) professional chemistry fraternity, this award recognizes the top sophomore chemistry student from the previous academic year.

  • Melissa Yu 

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