2021 Departmental Senior Awards

May 14, 2021

By UNC-Chapel Hill Chemistry Communication

The annual Departmental Senior Awards are awarded to students demonstrating excellence in their academic studies in chemistry and/or research in the labs. The awards were presented in the virtual celebration of our graduates in the Class of 2021. Please join us in congratulating our 2021 recipients:  

  • The Emmett Gladstone Rand Premedical Scholarship, $2,000: This award is presented to exceptionally talented graduating seniors intending to pursue a career in medicine or in the allied health sciences. 
    • Francis Lauzier 
    • Trevor Fachko 
    • Kristen Hines 
    • Harrison Jacobs 
  • David L. Stern Scholar Award, $750: This award recognizes students at the top of our capstone laboratory courses. 
    • Elizabeth Karlsson  
    • Melanie Tojong 
  • Francis P. Venable Medal, $750: This award is given in honor of Dr. Francis P. Venable, who served as president of the University from 1900-1914, department chair of chemistry and president of the American Chemical Society.   The award is presented to the two most outstanding graduating seniors majoring in chemistry.  
    • Paige Jacky 
    • Nehemiah Stewart 

Congratulations to all our recipients!