Scott Warren

Scott Warren

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Research Interests

2D Materials, Energy Storage, Solar Energy, Nanoelectronics

Research Synopsis

2D materials are a radically new building block for constructing complex materials and devices, from batteries to solar cells to water purification to sensors. Our lab is focused on:
1. The discovery of new 2D materials
2. The assembly of these building blocks into functional architectures
3. Understanding structure-property relationships in 2D materials and their assemblies
4. Integrating these new materials into devices for energy conversion, environmental remediation, and sensing
Our lab is interdisciplinary and collaborative, and we draw on both experimental approaches, such as materials synthesis, electrochemistry, electronics, nanophotonics, and electron microscopy, and computational approaches, such as density functional theory, finite difference time domain simulations, and multislice calculations, to understand the materials that we make.

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Fluoride–ion batteries are a promising alternative to lithium–ion batteries with higher theoretical capacities and working voltages, but they have experienced limited success due to the poor ionic conductivities of known electrolytes and electrodes. Here, we report a high-throughput computational screening of 9747 fluoride-containing materials in search of fluoride-ion conductors.


Spectroscopic methods can have limited spatial resolution and low intensity since the signal passes through electrolyte. Here, a device geometry is presented in which the electrolyte is laterally separated from the area probed spectroscopically, so that the signal does not pass through the electrolyte.