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Department News

Matthew Glasscott receives GEAB Impact award for research impact on North Carolinians

Matthew Glasscott, a doctoral student in the Dick Research Group, received a GEAB Impact award from The Graduate School at UNC for his research on per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).  

2020 Junior/ Senior Awards Banquet

Carolina Chemistry's annual Junior/ Senior Awards Banquet celebrates the achievements and strides made by juniors and seniors in their academic studies and research in the lab.

Warren lab reports first example of electron transfer without reduction or oxidation

The Warren Lab published a manuscript in the Journal of the Physical Chemistry Letters that reports a fundamentally new concept in electrochemistry: the transfer of electrons without reduction or oxidation. 

Two chemistry seniors earn awards for senior honors thesis research

UNC Chemistry undergraduate students, Alex Lin and Milan Patel, were recently awarded Senior Honors Thesis awards by Honors Carolina.


Protein–Peptide Binding Energetics under Crowded Conditions

Nearly all biological processes, including strictly regulated protein–protein interactions fundamental in cell signaling, occur inside living cells where the concentration of macromolecules can exceed 300 g/L.

Nonlinear fluorescence spectroscopy of layered perovskite quantum wells

Interest in layered organohalide perovskites is motivated by their potential for use in optoelectronic devices. In these systems, the smallest and largest quantum wells are primarily concentrated near the glass and air interfaces of a film, thereby establishing a gradient in the average values of the bandgaps.

First-Principles Prediction of Electrochemical Electron–Anion Exchange: Ion Insertion without Redox

It is widely assumed that the gain or loss of electrons in a material must be accompanied by its reduction or oxidation. Here, we report a system in which the insertion/deinsertion of an electron occurs without any reduction or oxidation.

Mechanistic Insight into the Stereoselective Cationic Polymerization of Vinyl Ethers

The control of the tacticity of synthetic polymers enables the realization of emergent physical properties from readily available starting materials.

Faculty Spotlights

Faculty in the Department of Chemistry at the University of North Carolina help define solutions to the pressing scientific problems of the day. A significant, and key, component of our department’s strategic plan is to cultivate the next generation of scientific leadership. Faculty, from our assistant professors to our most senior and distinguished colleagues, are international leaders in their subfields, garnering local, national, and international recognition and accolades commensurate with their excellence in research and teaching.

Student Spotlights

Our graduate students form the next generation of scientific leaders. As a department, we seek to recruit and mentor a diverse cohort of students dedicated to excellence in the classroom and research laboratory. The creativity, drive, collegiality, and accomplishments of our graduate students in tackling difficult scientific problems are significant reasons why UNC is an international leader in chemical research.