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Kumbhar, Amar S.

Amar S. Kumbhar

Amar S. Kumbhar

Electron Microscopist

   245 Chapman Hall


Amar Kumbhar has a Ph.D in Analytical Chemistry from Clemson University. He is a electron microscopist and has been with CHANL from 2008 . He along with Wallace Ambrose share responsibilities of taking care of the electron microscopes, SEM and TEM, in CHANL.


Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry, Clemson University

Personal Interests

News & Publications

To further exploit the potential of non-Pt-group metal-based spinel catalysts for the alkaline oxygen reduction reaction (ORR), a cathodic fuel cell reaction, we hereby report a strategy of ORR improvement by controlling the crystallographic facets of ultra-small CuMn2O4 spinel nanocatalysts through a developed colloidal synthesis approach.


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