Students play "Family Feud," a version especially designed around Laboratory Safety topics. This highly interactive and much applauded group work was one of several such projects, presented at the end of the term.

Laboratory Safety

Professor David Lawrence was instrumental in developing our "Introduction to Laboratory Safety" course, which he has taught since its inception in the fall of 2013. The course, CHEM 701, meets once a week for the full semester, and is required of all first-year Chemistry and Chemical Biology & Medicinal Chemistry/Pharmaceutical Sciences, graduate students.

The course is designed to introduce first-year graduate students to the array of dangers associated with research in the chemical sciences, and in an article published in the Journal of Chemical Education, Professor Lawrence describes the challenges of creating an impactful course that seeks to convey practical laboratory-safety information in a classroom setting for students with a diverse array of interests.

An example of how to improve the learning experience, include a flipped-classroom model, highlighting case studies creates a concrete experience that actively engages course participants. Also, the introduction of various pedagogical tools, including active-learning techniques such as field trips, role-playing games, and group projects, were triggered in large part by recommendations from the students themselves.