Baer Symposium

On the occasion of Professor Tomas Baer’s 80th birthday, past members of his group reunite for a two-day symposium at UNC Chapel Hill on August 9–10. Talks are open to the Department of Chemistry, and all students, staff and faculty are welcome. The symposium takes place in Chapman Hall, Room CH125.

Program for Friday, August 9th, 2019
12:50 pm Welcome  
01:10 pm Dr. Eva Garland
Eva Garland Consulting
Leveraging Innovations from Basic Research to Benefit Society
01:30 pm Dr. Yury Desyaterik
UNC Chapel Hill
Analysis of Organic Aerosols Using Methods of High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry
01:50 pm Prof. Geoffrey Smith
University of Georgia
Confessions Of a Reformed Aerosol Murderer: How I Earned to Listen to what Particles Have to Say
02:10 pm Dr. Alla Zelenyuk
Multidimensional Characterization of Individual Aerosol Particles
02:30 pm Dr. Art Werner
Retired Air Quality Scientist
If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Control It
02:50 pm Coffee  
03:20 pm Dr. Elias Rosen
UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy
Investigating HIV Pharmacology with Mass Spectrometry Imaging
03:40 pm Dr. Zsolt Gengeliczki
Determining the Relative Abundances of the Glycated Aad Glycosylated Isoforms of Biotherapeutic Mabs by Intact Mass Spectrometry
04:00 pm Prof. Theresa Evans-Nguyen
University of South Florida
Targeting Next Generation Mass Spectrometry
04:20 pm Prof. Hideya Koizumi
Arkansas State University
Theory and Coding; What Worked and What Didn't
04:40 pm Prof. Liam Duffy
UNC Greensboro
Still Playing With Molecular Beams: From Sub-Thz Fabry–Pérot Resonators to Stark Decelerators
05:00 pm Prof. Bálint Sztáray
University of the Pacific
Photoelectron Photoion Coincidence Spectroscopy for High-Accuracy Thermochemistry… And Much More!

Program for Saturday, August 10th, 2019
09:00 am Dr. Andras Bodi
Paul Scherrer Institute
Coincidences On The Bank of The Aare – From Photoionization to Catalysis
09:20 am Prof. Paul Mayer
University of Ottawa
Reaction Dynamics of Ionized Pahs
09:40 am Prof. James Kercher
Hiram College
From Single Molecule Reactions to Halogen Activation by Nitrogen Oxides – Managing Both at a Small Liberal Arts Institution in Northeast Ohio
10:00 am Prof. Karl-Michael Weitzel
Philipps-Universität Marburg
Chemical Processes in And With Ions – Formation, Transport, Reactivity
10:20 am Dr. Nicholas Shuman
Air Force Research Laboratory
Statistical Modeling of Ion-Molecule Reactions
10:40 am Coffee  
11:00 am Dr. Debbie Smith
Retired from GSK and Novartis
Physical Chemists in the Wild
11:20 am Dr. Jeffrey Keister
Brookhaven National Laboratory
All in Good Measure
11:40 am Prof. Terry Murray
Retired from University of Dayton
Completing the Circle: From the Gas Phase to tThe Solid And Back
12:00 pm Prof. Bilin Tsai
Retired from University of Minnesota Duluth
Starting in the Ground State: From the World of Acronyms to a Life in The Academy
12:20 pm Dr. Erin Mysak
Independent Conservation Scientist
Technical Analysis of Art And Artifacts