Olivia Wheeler-Williams

Olivia Wheeler-Williams

Year Entered

Buena Vista, Virginia, United States

Undergraduate Degree
University of Virginia, BS Chemistry and BA Religious Studies, 2015

Research Group

Current Research Focus
The main focus of my research is ultrafast spectroscopy and microscopy of perovskite materials. Through these studies, I work to obtain a clear picture of the dynamical processes at work on the ultrafast time-scale, as well as uncover the electronic structure of these materials. In addition to spectroscopy, I also fabricate some of the samples that our group studies.

Short Bio
I am a physical chemist working toward my ultimate goal of teaching undergraduates. Through my career, I hope to inspire young chemists, especially women, from low socioeconomic backgrounds to pursue higher education.

Why did you choose UNC Chemistry?
When I visited UNC, I was impressed by the number of PI’s conducting high-impact research in my field of interest. No other school I visited offered so many opportunities for a physical chemist. Combined with the charm of Chapel Hill and the Triangle, UNC Chemistry was the clear choice for me.

What are your future plans?
When I graduate from UNC, I plan to pursue a post-doctoral research position to further hone my spectroscopy skills. My ultimate goal is to be a professor, probably at a PUI where I can train future generations of chemists and conduct research with a small group of undergraduates.