Taylor Teitsworth

Taylor Teitsworth

Year Entered

Lancaster, PA, USA

Undergraduate Degree
Pennsylvania State University, B.S. Chemistry, 2015

Research Group

Current Research Focus
I synthesize and characterize multijunction p-i-n silicon nanowires that can produce high photovoltages for solar fuels production and other optoelectronic applications.

Short Bio
I first became interested in materials chemistry while doing research on solar energy materials in Prof. Tom Mallouk's lab as an undergraduate at Penn State. My experiences there led me to come here to graduate school to study nanomaterials. When I'm not in lab, you can usually find me experimenting in my kitchen, sipping some local brews, or soaking up the southern sun (hiking, running, gardening, etc).

Why did you choose UNC Chemistry?
UNC chemistry department has a ton of great research to be a part of but also has a very friendly, collaborative atmosphere. I enjoy both the work I do and the people I work with. Also, I love warm weather so moving south was a bonus.

What are your future plans?
I'm pretty open-minded about my future, but I'm leaning towards pursuing a teaching position after graduation.