Aaron Taggart

Aaron Taggart

Year Entered

Rochester, NY, USA

Undergraduate Degree
SUNY Binghamton, BS Chemistry, 2014

Research Group

Current Research Focus
I aim to improve p-type metal oxide photocathodes used for artificial photosynthesis. By first understanding the significance of the atomic, nano, and micro structure of these materials, we can enhance their optical and electronic properties.

Short Bio
I grew up in western New York and got excited about chemistry in high school. After studying chemistry in college I did a short internship with BASF before deciding to start grad school. Aside from chemistry, I enjoy playing the drums and I've been in a couple bands while I've been here. I also like cycling, and I go on rides with a number of other grad students in the department.

Why did you choose UNC Chemistry?
It was easy to tell that there's a great atmosphere in the department. The grad students are friendly, and most are driven while still having a healthy work-life balance. Many of the PIs are supportive of their grad students and genuinely want to help them develop as scientists. Because of the friendly environment, collaborations are common and have become an important part of my research.

What are your future plans?
I'm currently leaning towards industry or a national lab. Either way, I want to pursue research in renewable energy.