Hannah Starr

Hannah Starr

Year Entered

Randleman, NC, USA

Undergraduate Degree
UNC, Chemistry B.S., 2017

Research Group

Current Research Focus
I am interested in developing frustrated Lewis pair-based heterogeneous catalysts for biomass reduction.

Short Bio
I grew up in Randleman, NC, where I graduated from Randleman High School in 2013. I attended UNC for undergrad and I did undergraduate research in the Dempsey lab focusing on PbS quantum dot ligand exchange and solar devices. I chose to stay at UNC for graduate school, and I now work in the Gagne lab. Outside of chemistry, I am a youth leader and Sunday school teacher, and I have two super cute cats named Swiggy and Buster.

Why did you choose UNC Chemistry?
As an undergrad here, I got to experience just how incredible this department is. After visiting other schools, I was unable to find one that I thought could make me as happy as UNC. I decided to stay, and I'm happy I did!

What are your future plans?
I hope to go into academia after graduation.