Alex Mullins

Alex Mullins

Year Entered

Morgantown, WV, United States

Undergraduate Degree
West Virginia University, Chemistry B.S. with a Business Administration Minor, 2014

Research Group

Current Research Focus
In the Waters group we are interested in using organic chemistry to study and use noncovalent interactions in water. I have always been drawn to the application of chemistry, and because of this I came into Marcey's group particularly interested in how they had been using noncovalent interactions in water to recognize post translational modifications (PTMs) with synthetic receptors. The dysregulation of PTMs is continuing to be linked to many diseases, including cancers, heart disease, leukemia, and drug addiction. The scientists studying the way these PTMs lead to various outcomes in our bodies in normal and diseased states have a need for new tools to make further progress. I make synthetic receptors for recognizing methylated arginines, a type of PTM, with improved activity that can hopefully be useful to the scientists who need these new tools.

Short Bio
In addition to synthesizing methylated arginine receptors in the lab, I also enjoy improving my science communication skills by volunteering with various outreach opportunities throughout the year. When I'm not science-ing or volunteering, I'm hiking, knitting, or eating at one of the many great places in the triangle.

Why did you choose UNC Chemistry?
I love how UNC is a nationally ranked chemistry program, but our department is much more focused on collaborations than competition with one another. I also love that we have so many things to do in the area or a short drive away during our free time out of the lab.

What are your future plans?
Right now I'm looking into a career in technology transfer. I start an internship at the UNC Office of Technology Commercialization in the fall.