Ian MacKenzie

Ian MacKenzie

Year Entered

Union City, PA, United States of America

Undergraduate Degree
Geneva College, B.S. Chemistry, 2014

Research Group

Current Research Focus
Design and investigation of the photophysical properties and mechanisms of organic photoredox catalysts with application to new reaction development.

Short Bio
I am number 6 in a family of 12 children (My parents are devout Christians but not Mormon, Catholic, Amish, or Menonnite just to answer that question before it is asked). I grew up in rural northwestern Pennsylvania and really like Chemistry when I encountered it in high school. I went to Geneva College in Beaver Falls, PA and grew to love chemistry more. in 2014, I graduated from Geneva and moved down to Chapel Hill, NC to continue my studies in chemistry at UNC. I married the love of my life (my wife Sarah, not chemistry) in 2015 and my daughter Catherine was born in September of 2017. We are currently expecting our second child in early October 2018.

Why did you choose UNC Chemistry?
I was really interested in physical organic chemistry at the time I was applying to graduate school, but most organic groups around the country were primarily focused on synthesis or new reaction development. At UNC I found a professor who was interested in mechanisms and spectroscopy and it felt like a good fit.

What are your future plans?
I deeply enjoy teaching and hope to soon enter a career as a professor of chemistry at a PUI college or university.