Carolyn Hartley

Carolyn Hartley

Year Entered

Alexandria, VA, USA

Undergraduate Degree
The College of William and Mary, B.S., 2016

Research Group

Current Research Focus
I am studying the redox chemistry of colloidal quantum dots (CdSe, PbS) with applications in solar energy conversion.

Short Bio
I am an inorganic student in the Dempsey group. I am originally from Northern Virginia and enjoy hiking and going to local festivals and concerts in my free time!

Why did you choose UNC Chemistry?
UNC has a very collaborative environment, making it a great place to do graduate level research! The department also has a major focus on solar energy research, which is an area I would like to pursue in a future career.

What are your future plans?
Following graduation I hope to pursue a career in a national lab continuing energy-related research.