Michael Pablo

Michael Pablo

Year Entered

Queens, NY, USA

Undergraduate Degree
Northeastern University, Chemistry, 2015

Research Group
Elston & Hahn

Current Research Focus
Computational approaches to understanding the spatiotemporal coordination of biochemical signals inside cells.

Short Bio
I grew up in NYC with strong scientific leanings -- in high school, I'd commute 2 hours each way to go to the Bronx HS of Science. At Northeastern University, where I happily lived within walking distance of all my classes, I focused on protein chemistry and analytical chemistry, supplemented by research in Prof. Sunny Zhou's lab and internships at Amgen. I joined UNC to tackle questions about biological signaling systems through quantitative approaches, and have supplemented my PhD training here with a Concentration in Biophysics with the Molecular and Cellular Biophysics Program.

Why did you choose UNC Chemistry?
UNC had a very positive environment -- I got the sense that students were happier here, compared to other programs I visited. I also really liked the weather!

What are your future plans?
I'm interested in computational/quantitative modeling work within industry.