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Jillian Dempsey

Associate Professor

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Research Interests

Inorganic Spectroscopy and Solar Energy Conversion

Professional Background

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, BS, 2005; California Institute of Technology, PhD, 2011; NSF American Competitiveness in Chemistry Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Washington, Seattle, 2011-2012; UNC Junior Faculty Development Award, 2015, NSF CAREER Award, 2015; Packard Fellowship for Science and Engineering, 2015; Air Force Office of Scientific Research Young Investigator Award, 2016; Sloan Research Fellowship, 2016

Research Group

Research Synopsis

Research in the Dempsey group aims to address challenges associated with developing efficient solar energy conversion processes. We are particularly interested in the charge-transfer processes that will ultimately govern efficiency in solar fuel production devices: proton-coupled electron transfer reactions, electron transfer across the interface between a catalyst and semiconductor, and the reduction of protons to hydrogen.

Our research program bridges molecular and materials chemistry and relies heavily on methods of physical inorganic chemistry, including time-resolved optical spectroscopy, EPR, and electrochemistry. These studies will provide key insight into many areas immediately relevant to solar fuel production, including charge transport, proton management, the molecular/materials interface, and efficient catalytic hydrogen evolution.

News & Publications

Proton Acceptors

Chris Lennox, a fifth-year graduate student in the Dempsey Group, is first author on a paper...


Dempsey Wins ACS Award

Congratulations to Associate Professor Jillian Dempsey, who is the 2018 recipient of the Harry Gray Award for Creative Work in