Anna Curtis

Anna Curtis

Teaching Assistant Professor

    Kenan Laboratories C 147E

Research Interests

Chemistry Education

Professional Background

B.S. Chemistry, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2012; Ph.D., Physical Chemistry, University of Colorado Boulder, 2018; Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow, Radford University, 2018-2019; Teaching Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2019-present.

Research Synopsis

My graduate work focused on understanding the electronic dynamics in semiconductor nanomaterials with applications in solar cell technology as well as studying students’ ability to think scientifically in the general chemistry classroom. The current focus of my research lies in chemical education, particularly in course assessment and reform. I have been involved in curriculum development for the general chemistry classroom and laboratory with a focus on scientific thinking and inclusion. As both a teacher and researcher I am committed to constantly improving my knowledge of current research and best practices in chemical education as well as incorporating this knowledge into my teaching. I believe that it is essential to both implement these best practices and to continuously assess their effect on student learning. My interest in chemical education is driven by my belief that, with the right attitude and environment, all students are capable of learning chemistry.

News & Publications

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