Wei You

Wei You

Department Chair

   Caudill 257B (Chair's Office)
   919-962-6197, 919-962-4358


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Ph.D., Organic/Polymer Chemistry, University of Chicago

B.S., Chemistry, University of Science and Technology of China

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Prior characterization of some of the best-performing materials for transistor and photovoltaic applications, which are based on polymers with rigid backbones, often resulted in conundrums in which X-ray scattering and microscopy yielded seemingly contradicting results. Here we solve the paradox by introducing a new structural model, i.e., semi-paracrystalline organization.


In an attempt to overcome this limitation, in this work we synthesized a series of anion exchange membranes containing non-covalent cross-links formed by a hydrogen bond donor (methacrylic acid) and a hydrogen bond acceptor (dimethylacrylamide).