Erika Van Goethem

Erika Van Goethem

Year Entered

West Branch, MI, USA

Undergraduate Degree
Eastern Michigan University, B.S. Professional Chemistry, 2013

Research Group

Current Research Focus
My research projects involves directly imaging charge carrier (electrons, holes, excitons) and vibration (phonon) dynamics and transport in individual nanostructures using ultrafast pump-probe microscopy.

Short Bio
My passion is connecting scientists and professionals from diverse backgrounds to build relationships for solving challenging problems. Through my experiences in science writing, editing, and public speaking, I can effectively communicate technical scientific information to a range of audiences.

Why did you choose UNC Chemistry?
The Chemistry Department at UNC is full of helpful, excited, and friendly people that are interested in helping all graduate students succeed.

What are your future plans?
My career goal is to work as an executive that deals with program development, planning, and organization in Research & Development that values relationships between employees and customers and promotes science education.