Taehyun Lee

Taehyun Lee

Year Entered

Andover, MA

Undergraduate Degree
Boston College, Chemistry, 2017

Research Group

Current Research Focus
Our group focuses on scattering-scanning near-field optical spectroscopy (s-SNOM), an optical spectroscopy method used to access nanometer spacial resolution. In particular, I focus on nonlinear applications of spectroscopy.

Short Bio
In Undergrad, I used to work in atmospheric chemistry. Outside of science, I play trumpet and used to be a member of my school's wind ensemble and marching band.

Why did you choose UNC Chemistry?
Aside from it's academic reputation, the biggest thing I took from my visitation weekend at UNC was that the graduate students all seemed to enjoy themselves and that it was a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

What are your future plans?
After graduate school, I hope to work in industry.