Erica James

Erica James

Year Entered

Louisville, Kentucky, United States of America

Undergraduate Degree
University of Louisville, Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, 2015

Research Group

Current Research Focus
My research is focused on investigating the underlying electronic properties of semiconductors used in dye sensitized solar devices and the effect of those properties on the electron transfer processes at the dye-semiconductor interface.

Short Bio
I was born in Louisville KY and lived there through my undergraduate education at the University of Louisville. In addition to studying chemistry, I also pursued a Spanish minor, and even studied abroad in Spain in the summer of 2013. As an undergraduate, I worked in the organic research lab of Dr. Michael Nantz for a year. After which I changed directions and gained experience in solar energy research under the guidance of Dr. Mahendra Sunkara at the Conn Center for Renewable Energy Research. The year of working for Dr. Sunkara solidified my interest in solar energy research which lead me to attend UNC for my graduate education.

Why did you choose UNC Chemistry?
I am very interested in pursuing solar energy research. As UNC has many faculty members dedicated to collaborating within the EFRC with the goal of creating devices for solar fuels, I believed that I could thrive in many different labs here while working towards my PhD .

What are your future plans?
I am considering many options for the future. However, I hope to pursue a career related to scientific outreach to foster better understanding of science and scientific research.