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Faculty Physical

Chemistry Faculty – Physical

Atkin, Joanna

Assistant Professor

Near-field optics and imaging, Tip-enhanced spectroscopy, Plasmonics

    Caudill Laboratories 117
    Group Paqe

Berkowitz, Max

Not Accepting Doctoral Students

Theoretical and Computational Chemistry, and Biophysical Chemistry

    Caudill Laboratories 017

Cahoon, James

Associate Professor
Hyde Family Foundation Scholar

Nanomaterials/Nanowire Synthesis, Solar & Thermal Energy, Photonics

    Caudill Laboratories 019
    Group Paqe

Dempsey, Jillian

Associate Professor

Inorganic Spectroscopy and Solar Energy Conversion

    Kenan Laboratories 440
    Group Paqe

Erie, Dorothy


Scanning Force Microscopy, Biological Chemistry

    Genome Sciences Building 4360
    Group Paqe

Glish, Gary


Mass Spectrometry, Ion Chemistry, Biomolecule Analysis

    Caudill Laboratories 320
    Group Paqe

Kanai, Yosuke

Associate Professor

Theoretical/Computational Chemistry, Chemical and Material Physics, Condensed Matters, First-Principles Electronic Structure Theory

    Caudill Laboratories 018
    Group Paqe

Lu, Zhiyue

Assistant Professor
Starts in July 2019

Nonequilibrium thermodynamics, theoretical and computational statistical mechanics, molecular machines, chemical physics of living systems.


Moran, Andrew

Associate Professor

Spectroscopy and Dynamics in Condensed Phases; Nonlinear Optics

    Caudill Laboratories 120
    Group Paqe

Papanikolas, John


Ultrafast Spectroscopy, Ultrafast Microscopy, Solar Energy Conversion

    Caudill Laboratories 118
    Group Paqe

Sheiko, Sergei

George A. Bush, Jr. Distinguished Professor

Polymer Materials, Molecular Fluidics, and Atomic Force Microscopy

    Caudill Laboratories 157
    Group Paqe

Thompson, Nancy


Molecular Dynamics at Biological Cell Surfaces

    Genome Sciences Building 4356

Warren, Scott

Assistant Professor

2D Materials, Energy Storage, Solar Energy, Nanoelectronics

    Kenan Laboratories A808
    Group Paqe

You, Wei

Professor of Chemistry and Applied Physical Sciences

Organic/Polymer Synthesis, Solar Cells, Molecular Electronics/Spintronics

    Kenan Laboratories C540
    Group Paqe