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Faculty Biological

Chemistry Faculty – Biological

Allbritton, Nancy

Kenan Distinguished Professor, Chair of UNC/NC State Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering, Jointly Appointed with School of Medicine & School of Pharmacy

Signaling in Single Cells, Microfabricated Systems for Cellular Analysis

    Chapman Hall 241
    Group Paqe

Aube, Jeff

Fred Eshelman Distinguished Professor, Jointly Appointed with the School of Pharmacy

New Synthetic Techniques, Total Synthesis, Study of Peptidomimetics

    Marsico Hall 3012

Berkowitz, Max

Not Accepting Doctoral Students

Theoretical and Computational Chemistry, and Biophysical Chemistry

    Caudill Laboratories 017

DeSimone, Joseph

Chancellor's Eminent Professor of Chemistry
Not Accepting Doctoral Students

Nanomedicine, Medical Devices, Green Chemistry

    Caudill Laboratories 257

Erie, Dorothy


Scanning Force Microscopy, Biological Chemistry

    Genome Sciences Building 4360
    Group Paqe

Glish, Gary


Mass Spectrometry, Ion Chemistry, Biomolecule Analysis

    Caudill Laboratories 320
    Group Paqe

Hicks, Leslie

Assistant Professor

Proteomics, Posttranslational Modifications, Mass Spectrometry

    Kenan Laboratories C040
    Group Paqe

Knight, Abigail

Assistant Professor

Bioinspired Materials, Chemical Biology, Polymer Chemistry

    Caudill Laboratories 319
    Group Paqe

Lawrence, David

Fred Eshelman Distinguished Professor, Jointly appointed with the UNC Schools of Pharmacy and Medicine

Chemical Biology, Organic and Photochemistry, Molecular and Cell Biology

    Kenan Laboratories A508
    Group Paqe

Li, Bo

Assistant Professor

Chemical Biology, Natural Product Biosynthesis and Discovery

    Genome Sciences Building 3256
    Group Paqe

Lockett, Matthew

Assistant Professor

Analytical Sensors, Surface Chemistry, Array Fabrication, 3D Cell Culture Systems, Microfabricated Devices

    Kenan Laboratories C348
    Group Paqe

Moran, Andrew

Associate Professor

Spectroscopy and Dynamics in Condensed Phases; Nonlinear Optics

    Caudill Laboratories 120
    Group Paqe

Pielak, Gary

Kenan Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Biophysics; Vice Chair of Facilities; Jointly appointed with the School of Medicine

Protein Biophysics Emphasizing Studies in Living Cells

    Genome Sciences Building 3250
    Group Paqe

Ramsey, Michael

Minnie N. Goldby Distinguished Professor of Chemistry; Jointly appointed with the School of Medicine

Microfabricated Chemical Instrumentation, Microfluidics, Nanofluidics

    Chapman Hall 251
    Group Paqe

Redinbo, Matthew

Kenan Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Microbiology, Jointly appointed with the School of Medicine

Understanding Human Disease using Structural and Chemical Biology

    Genome Sciences Building 4350
    Group Paqe

Thompson, Nancy


Molecular Dynamics at Biological Cell Surfaces

    Genome Sciences Building 4356

Waters, Marcey

Glen H. Elder, Jr. Distinguished Professor

Bioorganic Chemistry, Molecular Recognition

    Caudill Laboratories 219
    Group Paqe

Weeks, Kevin

Kenan Distinguished Professor

Chemical Biology, RNA Structure & Function, RNA Therapeutics

    Genome Sciences Building 3258
    Group Paqe