Faculty – Alphabetical

Kanai, Yosuke

Associate Professor

Theoretical/Computational Chemistry, Chemical and Material Physics, Condensed Matters, First-Principles Electronic Structure Theory

    Caudill Laboratories 018
    Group Paqe

Knight, Abigail

Assistant Professor

Bioinspired Materials, Chemical Biology, Polymer Chemistry

    Caudill Laboratories 319
    Group Paqe

Lawrence, David

Fred Eshelman Distinguished Professor, Jointly appointed with the UNC Schools of Pharmacy and Medicine

Chemical Biology, Organic and Photochemistry, Molecular and Cell Biology

    Kenan Laboratories A508
    Group Paqe

Leibfarth, Frank

Assistant Professor

Polymer science, organic synthesis, and continuous flow chemistry

    Caudill Laboratories 239
    Group Paqe

Li, Bo

Assistant Professor

Chemical Biology, Natural Product Biosynthesis and Discovery

    Genome Sciences Building 3256
    Group Paqe

Lockett, Matthew

Assistant Professor

Analytical Sensors, Surface Chemistry, Array Fabrication, 3D Cell Culture Systems, Microfabricated Devices

    Kenan Laboratories C348
    Group Paqe

Lu, Zhiyue

Assistant Professor
Starts in July 2019

Nonequilibrium statistical physics; stochastic thermodynamics; molecular machines; physics of living systems


Meek, Simon

Associate Professor

Organic Synthesis, Organometallic Chemistry, Catalysis

    Venable Hall 1307
    Group Paqe

Meyer, Gerald

Professor; Vice Chair of Diversity

Synthetic chemistry, Spectroscopy, and Electrochemistry

    Murray Hall 2202B
    Group Paqe

Miller, Alexander

Associate Professor

Energy Catalysis, Synthetic Organometallic Chemistry, Metal-Ligand Cooperation

    Kenan Laboratories A400
    Group Paqe

Moran, Andrew

Associate Professor; Director of Undergraduate Studies

Spectroscopy and Dynamics in Condensed Phases; Nonlinear Optics

    Caudill Laboratories 120
    Group Paqe

Moy, Cheryl

Teaching Assistant Professor

Chemistry Education, Laboratory and Course Curriculum Development

    Kenan Laboratories C147E
    Group Paqe