Campus Box 3290 Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3290, USA

Faculty – Alphabetical

Dempsey, Jillian

Associate Professor

Inorganic Spectroscopy and Solar Energy Conversion

    Kenan Laboratories 440
    Group Paqe

DeSimone, Joseph

Chancellor's Eminent Professor of Chemistry
Not Accepting Doctoral Students

Nanomedicine, Medical Devices, Green Chemistry

    Caudill Laboratories 257

Dick, Jeffrey

Assistant Professor

Electrochemistry, Nanotechnology, Sensors, Single Cell Biology, Catalysis

    Caudill Laboratories 340
    Group Paqe

Erie, Dorothy


Scanning Force Microscopy, Biological Chemistry

    Genome Sciences Building 4360
    Group Paqe

Freeman, Thomas

Teaching Assistant Professor

Chemistry Education

    Kenan Laboratories A227

Gagne, Michel

Mary Ann Smith Distinguished Professor of Chemistry

Catalysis, Synthetic Methods, Synthetic Receptors, Biofuels

    Caudill Laboratories 218
    Group Paqe

Glish, Gary


Mass Spectrometry, Ion Chemistry, Biomolecule Analysis

    Caudill Laboratories 320
    Group Paqe

Hicks, Leslie

Assistant Professor

Proteomics, Posttranslational Modifications, Mass Spectrometry

    Kenan Laboratories C040
    Group Paqe

Hogan, Brian

Teaching Associate Professor

Biochemistry Education & Undergraduate Research Skills Development

    Kenan Laboratories C147F

Johnson, Jeffrey

A. Ronald Gallant Distinguished Professor

Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Asymmetric Catalysis

    Caudill Laboratories 220
    919-843-4936, 919-962-4358
    Group Paqe