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CRITCL Mass Spec – Rates

User Fees

Consultation refers to data analysis, data interpretation and method development outside of standard lab practices.

Rates are subject to change.

Hourly Rate

Q Exactive HFX$40.12$101.00$120.00
Quantitative MS - triple quad$13.30$165$175.00
Exactive GC$17.07$93.00$120.00
ICP-MS, 8-24hrs$377.94$588.00$700.00
ICP-MS, <8hrs/hr$90.28$141.00$200.00
Laser Ablation - Full Day$108.75$170.00$200.00
Liquid Chromatography - UPLC$15.54$37.00$200.00
Ion Chromatography, per element$29.36$59.00$92.00
LTQ ion trap$10.24$16.00$20.00
Glove Box usage$3.15$25.00$40.00
Varian GC-MS system$2.36$50.00$60.00
Sample Preparation/Digestion/Dilution
Per Sample

Hourly Rates Consulting Services

Consultation/Data Processing$72.32$113.00$150.00
Training /student/instrument$100.00See DirectorSee Director